Santa Monica Wants Planes Over Venice


This is the last write-in for the week, I promise .. but it is a really important one and has a big impact on our quality of life and health here in Venice! Help send Santa Monica Airport traffic to Santa Monica rather than let a unified and vocal Santa Monica keep sending them to the skies above Venice!!

Recently the FAA tried a six month test pattern at The Santa Monica Airport which directed departure traffic over Santa Monica and not the usual route over Venice.


The City of Santa Monica is not happy about new IFR departure procedures and says it will “aggressively pursue all avenues” to force the FAA to conduct a full environmental impact study before any change is made permanent.

The previous procedure had general aviation airplanes flying to the coastline before making a 40 degree Northwest turn. Several of the new patterns that were tested move that turn to a point over Penmar Golf Course, which then take the aircraft over a residential neighborhood near the Santa Monica Pier.

Needless to say, Santa Monica residents don’t want the traffic sent their way and have sent in over 3,500 emails saying “reject the test pattern” to city officials.

The FAA makes the ultimate decision on whether the test pattern should be made permanent, so Venice Residents need to email their opinions to those who matter and make sure the traffic pattern is put into effect and allows for a more equal distribution of noise, rather than just dumping the Santa Monica Airport Traffic and pollution all over Venice.

So here is the email to write:

Subject: Please Approve The New FAA Test Pattern at Santa Monica Airport (KSMO)

I am writing you to voice my opinion on the recent FAA Test Pattern held at The Santa Monica Airport (KSMO). The new test pattern should be made permanent as it more fairly distributes the burden of Santa Monica Airport departures between Venice and Santa Monica. I have also been informed that this new pattern provides for better safety in regard to air traffic from LAX. Please realize that Venice is not an industrial zone, it is a zone of families just like Santa Monica, and we should not have to shoulder the burden of this traffic ourselves.

Email your message to:

[email protected] (Attn: Stelios Macrides)
[email protected] (for Rosendahl) ( email form for Jane Harman; enter zip code 90291-2602)



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