Venice Beach Voting: SNAFU


From our buddy Zach over at LAist:

Several voters in Venice this morning were either turned away or voted provisionally, reports John Wellington Ennis of Video the Vote. “At the Venice Methodist Church on Lincoln and Victoria in Venice/Mar Vista, there are two tables for two different precincts,” he explained. “This morning, only one of those precinct tables was set up and serving voters, while the superintendent of the other table apparently quit and did not deliver the necessary materials — poll books, voting machines, ballots, more.”

By 10 a.m., he said voters were able to vote on regular ballot.

“Voting is never enough,” Ennis said. “We must ensure that our votes are counted, that they are carefully collected, and that ballots are even accessible. The purpose of monitoring is not to harangue poll workers and civic administrators, but to ensure that citizens know their rights, know that others are looking out for them, and that the process can be observed and documented for improvement.”

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