Crazy Bright Street Lights?


“Squirrel Underpants” started a thread in the forums called “Whats up w the crazy bright street lights?” It seems as though the lights are getting replaced city wide as reported by the LAist here.

To show the difference in the lights, I snapped these two picts which show the old style light in the background and the new style LEDs in the foreground. The lights are quite different color temperatures, which is the root of the problem. Split the difference between these two pictures and that’s what it looks like to the eye. Whoever was responsible for approving “parking lot” style lighting on residential streets made a mistake. Brighter lights are good for safety, but these lights are a daylight color temperature and fail as such. One thumb up for safety, one thumb down for ambience and common sense.

Venice Beach Street Lights

Street Lights Venice Beach

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