Venice Neighborhood Council Election: Citizen Questions



The Venice Neighborhood Council is having their elections April 11, 2010. It seems like a lot of residents really don’t know what most of these candidates stand for. To try and help inform all of our votes in this election, I will be asking each candidate to answer a list of 10-20 questions which will come from the Yo! Venice! readers as presented in the forums. Candidate responses will be posted after they respond.

Please suggest your questions in the forums in this thread. The same questions will be asked of all the candidates. Deadline for asking your questions is next Tuesday.

The final list of candidates can be seen on the VNC site by clicking here.

To define the Yo! Venice! role in this: I do not personally know any of the candidates and have said “no” when candidates have tried to meet me for a cup of coffee or something. No “friends of the candidates” have the “ear” of this site either. Submit your questions and they will be given to the candidates. This is the most widely read website for information about Venice Beach. Quite literally I have no vested interest in this election except the well being of the residents of Venice … that is you … and all I am going to do is use the power of this site to get your questions answered.

Words are words, and what this site is about …