Equator Books Shuttered


There has been a “for lease” sign up at Equator Books for the better part of a month. When we called a few weeks ago to ask “whaddup” we were told it was simply a negotiation tactic of the landlord and they did not plan on moving anywhere any time soon. (For that reason we did not post this up earlier.) Looks like the negotiations didn’t work out so well, as Equator closed as of midnight last night. We are sad to see them close. Hopefully they will find another space in Venice.

There is some dialogue that they may save the “cafe” part with possibly a booze license thrown into the mix, but who knows. For now there are flowers and messages outside of the store that people have been leaving today.

Equator Books Venice Beach

Equator Books Venice Beach

Equator Books
1103 Abbot Kinney Boulevard
Venice, CA 90291-3313
(310) 399-5544



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