Photography Darkroom Class Starts Tonight! It’s Cheap!


At less than $10 bucks per session the “Photography Darkroom & Class” at Venice Community Adult School is a heck of a deal.


For all you digital photographers too young to know what a darkroom is, it is where you print photos taken with film. It is also the place that will open up your understanding of photography in general which will undoubtedly make you a much better photographer even if you will only shoot digital for the rest of your life. (The darkroom was also a great room to have the key to in high school, as it was the one room on campus you could lock the door during “negative development” and … cough … nevermind.)

The class starts tonight and goes for 6 weeks. if you can’t make tonight’s class as it is late notice, still contact them and let them know you want to join the class next week or next session. Check out the darkroom here, the Venice High Community Adult School Class list here, and the darkrooms facebook page here.