Venice Canal Residents Flustered by New Homeless Camp


Venice Beach Canal residents have recently become frustrated with a new homeless camp that has been active on Grand Canal under the bridge at Venice Boulevard.

Homeless on the Venice Canals, Venice Beach

Citing safety and sanitary concerns, residents have been actively calling the LAPD for assistance. We have been told the LAPD is aware of the homeless camp, but so far they have been unable to do anything about this enclave which has apparently been unruly and littering and defecating near or in the canals. One resident says “this past week they were in a neighbors yard discussing how to break in.” Maybe it is time for Mayor Villaraigosa to make like Prince William and spend an evening sleeping with the homeless to see what can be done by the city to help people.

Trash on the Venice Canals, Venice Beach

Homeless Camp on the Venice Canals, Venice Beach



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