The Venice Whaler Bar and Grill – SOLD!


The Venice Whaler was sold last Friday by longtime owner Barrie Harnett in what was described as a speedy and painless financial harpooning by a Hans Tiedemann of Santa Monica, Australia, New York and Japan. We were told the plan is for well needed upgrades but that it will keep the same beach feel as the present location. The new general manager is long time bartender Tim, so there should be all the same familiar faces around there after the renovation. As to the reported 10 million dollar Japanese food joint that will be replacing the Whaler? Keep heading down to Kifune and say hello to Jay for us!

(Thanks to YoVenice reader Rachel for the tip!)

The Venice Wailer, Venice Beach California

The Venice Whaler
2-10 Washington Boulevard
Venice, California 90292
Tel: 310.821.8737



  1. Thank god it’s going ot be gone. Personally I think it needs to be revamped – the upstairs area about be about 3x larger and take advantage of the spot they have. The food could be better, but more importantly they need to utilize all fo that space downstairs that goes to waste.

    I liked the whaler for it’s location and nothing else.