Labor Day Taco Eating Competition at Baja Cantina


How does one celebrate the end of summer and the year of hard work to come? Baja Cantina thinks the way to do it is with a taco eating competition. We are not sure if Baja has registered the event with the International Confederation of Competitive Eating, but grab the Tums and head to Baja this Sunday the 31st to see how many tacos people can eat in a set amount of time. From what we can gather, champion taco eating results in around 48 soft tacos eaten in 11 minutes. Yikes.

Baja Cantina Taco Eating Competition
Baja Cantina
311 Washington Blvd
Venice, CA 90292



  1. When are the pictures from the contest going to be up….we saw the “yovenice” photographers at the event on Sunday….