Clean up after your horse, yo!


While Yo! Venice! supports good Police work when we see it, we also don’t like it when the laws of the citizens are deemed unnecessary for the people that enforce them. That said, it would be appropriate for the LAPD when bringing their horses to patrol the boardwalk to bring über sized pooper scoopers and bags to clean up after their horses. It is the law, and the LAPD likes to ignore it. At Washington and Ocean Front Walk today we watched an irate woman that stepped in a large pile of LAPD’s finest poop calling the LAPD on her cel phone to “clean this shit up”. We agree with her that it is quite rude to leave massive piles of horse crap on the boardwalk. 

In case the LAPD can’t find it in their books, the law in Los Angeles County is:

Title 10 of the Los Angeles County Code specifically prohibits a person from leaving pet waste on any public property or any private property that is not his or her own. It is important to keep our City and the environment clean, and animal waste can easily get into City storm drains and flow into the ocean. 

Venice Beach Memorial Weekend 2008

Venice Beach Memorial Weekend 2008



  1. Oh no! Horse shit! The police out there to patrol and protect, not to clean up after their horses.

    Further, I highly doubt police horses are classified as “pets”.

  2. What the hell are police doing on horseback anyway? It’s not the wild, wild, west… or New York City. In Beverly Hills, our officers ride scooters.

    You should look in to that.

  3. The police should ride on segways. Those don’t leave any poop.

    But I guess if they are chasing someone on the sand, they’d need horses. Running on sand is hard. 😉