Free Coffee on Abbot-Kinney



Through October 23rd, Swiss Water is giving out free decaf coffee from 10am to 10pm at their pop-up shop located at 1421 Abbot-Kinney.

Swiss Water is the name of a decaffeination process patented by the company that simply uses hot water to decaffeinate coffee beans without the addition of outside chemicals. This process is used in many coffee shops throughout L.A. for their decaf blends, including Stumptown, Blue Bottle and more.

At the pop-up, visitors can try a multitude of different decaf coffee preparations, which includes espresso, pour-over and cold brew (with and without nitro). Visitors can also take home ground coffee beans and bottled cold brew.

“We’ve got some great coffees that we’re brewing here. We’ve got espresso, cappuccino, latte, and some cold brew as well. You can try different origins and different brew methods, and it’s all free. All the coffee is without caffeine, so that means you can try as much as you like. You don’t have to worry about too much caffeine,”said Brand Manager Andrea Piccolo.

In October of last year, Swiss Water opened a pop-up in Manhattan. This is their second pop-up shop, and the first on the West Coast.