What Happened to El Niño?



The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released a report on February 11 saying they predict El Niño on the way out. NOAA said, while still above average, sea temperatures are beginning to drop and by Fall we could even experience a La Niña weather pattern.

However, El Niño is still to blame for the baking heatwave we have blasting across Los Angeles. The reason being, because such a large body of the Pacific Ocean has heated up due to El Niño, storms have been pushed farther north than Scientists expected. The result, LA has been battered by only a few of the El Niño storms, and now a giant high pressure ridge is driving record temperatures in Southern California.

It is not just the temperature, tempers have also been running high at Venice beach with surfers fighting for a ride. One Yo! Venice source even witnessing blows being taken out on the crowded waves. A recent combination of warm, sunny days, and high surf meant there simply wasn’t enough room for everyone to catch a break.

As SoCal continues to experience record high temperatures for this time of year, don’t expect tempers to cool anytime soon out in the surf.

As surfers crammed on waves, Steve Christensen, one of Yo! Venice’s favorite local photographers caught some of the mayhem on camera.

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Steve Christensen Photo Crowded Surf 1
The Heatwave brings some heat out onto the waves at Venice Beach

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