Windward Shooting Eyewitness Speaks to Yo!Venice


May 8th, 2015 5:55am

Miracle Mile resident, Paris, who had recently become friends with Brendon Glenn, the man fatally shot by an LAPD Officer on Windward Ave. Tuesday night, spoke to Yo!Venice saying he witnessed the shooting.

“I came down here to the beach to sit out on the sand and read a book, I live in Los Angeles, I have a job. These two kids were like “Hey Bro, what’s up” and we started talking and they became really good friends. I met Dizzle three and a half weeks ago and I went and bought stuff for them and gave them food and clothes and they all returned the favor, there’s a lot of love out there.”

Paris shook as he retold witnessing the event saying Dizzle “went to make a phone call, he called his Mom, he was a little upset he went into a bar to panhandle for food to feed his dog, the security guard threw him out, understandably he was harassing the customers and for some reason there was a cop there in like, 2 minutes. The cops came up to him and said “Show me your ID” and he said “I don’t need to show you my ID, I didn’t do anything” and they said “Put your hands up” so he put his hands up and they said “Show me your ID”, he reached into his back pocket and that’s when the first shot was fired and then the cop, I think they kind of bumped into each other or something, the cop caught a ricochet bullet and then just flat out, boom, shot him right again while he was down on the ground bleeding…So then the cops told all five of us “get out of here” and we left” said Paris

The night the shooting occurred @DylanAndre tweeted, saying he was an eyewitness “…2 dudes arguing going ape shit…”

Venice Shooting Tweet

A police investigation continues into what happened and how Glenn came to be fatally shot by the LAPD Officer.

According to police, two officers initially responded to a call about a person harassing people near the Townhouse bar on Windward Avenue. They spoke briefly to the suspect, who walked away toward the boardwalk, police said.

The officers returned to their car but then saw the suspect struggling with someone on the sidewalk just west of where they had just spoken. The officers approached the suspect again and a struggle ensued, prompting at least one of the officers to open fire.

The suspect was taken to a hospital, where he died, said LAPD spokeswoman Liliana Preciado. One of the officers was treated for an injured knee and because he is currently on pain medication is not fit to be formally interviewed.

Venice Shooting


Yesterday protesters marched against the LAPD from the Brig on Abbot Kinney, to the scene where Brendon Glenn was shot outside Townhouse on Windward, before continuing on the the LAPD substation near the beach at the end of Windward Ave. at Ocean Front Walk.

Venice Beach Shooting 1Protesters holding a lie-in outside Townhouse on Windward.