It’s All Fun and Games until Someone Steals Your Car


Grand Theft Auto is on the rise in Venice.

Senior Lead Officer Kristan Delatori said,  speaking at the Venice Neigborhood Council meeting on Tuesday that “GTA’s are on the rise” and that LAPD Pacific Division has found that cars are not always taken by force.

“What we’re seeing in some cases is that people who share tandem parking spots are leaving their keys in their car to make it easier to move cars around” said Delatori “It’s mostly the case that someone has got into the car to look for loose change or other items of low value and then they see the keys and end up taking the whole car”

Delatori spoke of the importance of not leaving valuables in a car where thieves can see them and would therefore tempted to break in. It’s the old adage “Out of sight out of mind” holding true and while it’s nice to be a good neighbor Delatori advises not to leave your keys in the car.