Venice pair arrested in apartment for possessing high-end stolen bicycles

Police are on the hunt for a man who shot someone in Venice.

Santa Monica detectives arrested two Venice residents in their apartment on Thursday, Feb. 12, after the execution of a search warrant found the pair to be in possession of a handful of high-end stolen bicycles.

As part of an ongoing investigation, detectives from the Santa Monica Police Department traveled to Venice at 2 pm on this day in order to execute a search warrant.

Upon arrival at an unspecified residential building, the detectives entered and immediately noticed a number of expensive bicycles of various makes and models inside the apartment.

The detectives deduced that these bicycles probably did not belong to the residents (suspects) of the building and that the bicycles were most likely stolen or had been used as a form of currency with which to purchase narcotics at the apartment.

The resident did not have any proof of ownership of the bicycles. The detectives arrested the primary resident at the address (identified as William Edward Cook, 51) for possession of stolen property and an outstanding warrant. Bail was not granted for Cook.

A second person that was present during the time that the detectives were present was searched and found to be in possession of narcotics, so the detectives arrested her (identified as Annalissa Giovanna Curzi, 20) for possession of narcotics. Bail was set at $500 for this Curzi.