STP Foundation to Take Over Venice Art Walls Program


Via ICU Art:

The STP Foundation, a Los Angeles arts-based non-profit organization is working with the City of Los Angeles Councilmember Bill Rosendahl’s office (CD11) and the Department of Recreation and Parks to continue the Venice Art Wall program.

ICU Art, a Los Angeles and Oakland based art production company that specializes in murals by graffiti artists served as the steward of The Venice Arts Wall program for the past twelve years. The STP Foundation will assume management of the program and continue its service to the public by allowing artists to paint murals at Venice Beach free of charge.

Stash Maleski, former Curator of the Venice Art Walls states, “we are very happy that the STP Foundation and CanLove are ready and willing to take over the program. STP has a long history with the graffiti art community in Los Angeles and has a real connection to the walls. CanLove have already been working in the area for a couple of years collecting the used spray cans for upcycling. Together they have new ideas and new energy which can make the program even better in the future.”

When asked, Bruno Hernandez, Executive Director of STP (, stated, “We are extremely honored to have the opportunity to continue and build on Stash’s vision. We are proud to be associated with the program and in a position to preserve the premiere aerosol art mural program and destination. Everyone we’ve met has been extremely supportive and understands how important it is to keep the Venice Art Wall program running, not only for the city of Los Angeles, but for the entire art community and generations of artists to come.”

The STP Foundation will be partnering with CanLove, a recycling-based art non-profit to co-curate the program. Bruno added, “CanLove brings tremendous energy and experience to the management team. Being a local, Venice-based organization, CanLove will play a key role in providing the resources to ensure the success of the Venice Art Walls continues.”



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