Ace Norton: “Piles of $$$” with Caged Animals


Here is the latest from wunderkind director (and Venice resident) Ace Norton: “Piles of $$$” by Caged Animals.

Caged Animals describe Norton as “kooky and loveable”. Norton describes the video as “kinda like Romeo and Juliet meets Michael Bay’. Beavis and Butt-Head will likely have a conniption fit over this video.

Director: Ace Norton. Starring: Vincent Cacchione and Magali Charron. Producer: Courtney Davies
 and Melissa Larsen. Director of Photography: Cristina Dunlap. 
Production Designer: Jeremy White.
 Editor: Chris Groban

Color: Beau Leon
 Stunt Coordinator: Nick Plantico 
Stunt Performer: Brad Havens 
Pyrotech: Gary Bentley 
1st AD: Li Lu 
Gaffer/ Key Grip” Ian Sphor 
Label: Lucky Number 
Rep: danielle hinde at doomsday 
Prod co: partizan