Travis McCoy Shoots Music Video in Venice Beach, Then Gets Beat Up?


Earlier today at the Dennis “Polar Bear” Agnew Skate Park, Travis McCoy was shooting a music video for his new song “Billionaire” with Bruno Mars. Best known as the front-man of the Gym Class Heroes, Travis McCoy is stepping out with his first solo project “Lazarus” due out this May. “Billionaire” is the first single off the album, and now features a video shot in Venice Beach with local skaters as extras. On a side note, the Director of Photography was shooting down in the bowl and took a runaway board to the shin, he went down but took it like a pro and protected his 50+ K camera…

Update: I’ve gotten a few calls and emails that say it seems as tho Travis may have ended up in an altercation while in Venice which resulted in him “getting his ass severely beat”. I have emailed to get a response from Travis or his people. His last twitter said “We on Venice Beach Takin OVER!!!!”.

Travis McCoy Music Video Venice Beach
Photograph by Kyle Wheeler.

Travis McCoy Music Video Venice Beach
Photograph by Matthew Poldberg.

Thanks to K. Wheeler and M. Poldberg for the heads up and pictures!