Mayhem When Car Careens into Marina



The driver who lost control at the wheel of a white Audi last night, flying through 2 barricades and into the Marina at the end of Pacific Avenue on the Marina Peninsula, is still missing.

Venice local, Mr Electric said, “I heard the car down-shift at about Yawl and accelerate. Pretty soon after I heard a loud crash. It didn’t sound good.”

Witnesses said the car looked to be traveling at around 65 miles per hour and didn’t stand a chance on the tight turn at the end of Pacific Ave., careening through barricades, over the rocks, and into the water.

LAFD winch the white Audi out of the Marina

As the car began to sink the driver managed to climb out and swim to shore. Witnesses on the scene believed he may have been drunk, as he clambered up the rocks, blood and water dripping from his body. The man FullSizeRender-20rested a moment on a nearby bench. People asked him if anyone else was in the car. The man said, “No” before he ran off.

Sirens screamed through the streets of Venice and Marina del Rey
as several emergency crews responded to the crash. LA County Fire Department Lifeguard Division divers braved dark waters and lowFullSizeRender-21 visibility to locate the sunken vehicle, which was eventually winched out of the water.

So far police have not located the man.


Marina del Rey local Jasmine Walton arrived at the scene shortly after the car broke through the 2 barricades and plunged into the water.  In the video below she tells Yo! Venice what she saw.