Bike Safety and traffic on agenda at venice neighborhood meeting this morning


The monthy Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) Committee Meeting is meeting this morning with bike safety and traffic enforcement topping the agenda.

LAPD West Traffic, LAPD SLO and LAPD Beach Detail Supervisor were all invited to speak.

Incidents involving bicycle collisions with motor vehicles, pedestrians and other bicycles have been on the increase, according to the VNC.

“A part of this problem is the result of implementation of the Los Angeles 2010 Bike Plan (resulting in restriping and ‘sharrows’), which has made bicycling a larger part of our traffic mix,” VNC stated.

“At the same time, regulations effecting bicycles (and motor vehicles interacting with bicycles) have changed,” the council said.

The goal of the discussion is to better understand LAPD’s role in addressing the changed traffic environment and how we can better respond to it (both as the Neighborhood Committee and as the Venice Neighborhood Council), they stated.

What are your thoughts on bike safety in Venice?

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