The Ave: Black Friday Sale!


The Ave at 64 Windward Ave will be having the “mother of all custom t-shirt black Friday but we are not opening early” sales this Friday starting at 11 am. That is right: make a custom shirt featuring any artwork you bring in on CD or memory stick for yourself or your loved ones and it will only be $9.50! Existing designs will be $8.50!

The Ave Venice

I’ll be there grabbing a whole bunch of their new P.O.P. themed T-shirts (they have a whole new series in the works) to give out to friends for the holidays! The subtle seahorse logo (inspired by a 1959 POP amusement park entrance ticket) lets people know you are a Venice head without spelling it out and The Ave can make the seahorse logo any color you would like! Pink seahorses for the ladies!

From The Ave:

Let the Holiday Madness begin! It’s Black Friday, so what does that mean? It’s time to wake up early or stay up all night, fight the crowds, and wait in line for hours just to save $100 on a new TV? Well we hate waking up early! So we plan on being open normal business hours, which is 11-8, seven days a week. However, just because we aren’t forcing our employees to come in at 4am does not mean that we won’t be participating in Black Friday. In fact, we’re stoked to be entering our second Holiday season, so stoked that we are offering HALF OFF ALL T-SHIRTS, ALL DAY LONG!

Yes, that is correct. We might be crazy. Or we might just be doing it to see if anyone will come, since there isn’t a WalMart within 20 miles of us (thankfully!). But you heard right……… Any color shirt, any size or style (even custom) will be 50% off for the entire day of business (in store) on Friday, November 25th, 2011.

Come on in and grab some custom tees which make GREAT gifts, or, come check out some of our designs. Our cheapest T-shirt which is high quality and printed in unlimited colors is $17, 364 days out of the year. But this Friday and this Friday only, that same shirt will be marked down to $8.50 as we celebrate the beginning of the Holiday Season. So whether you’re shopping for yourself or your loved ones, your T-shirt game could be seriously improved this Friday. Want a custom made shirt that says “I Hate Black Friday”? You got it. That’ll be $9.50 please. And if you want that at 5:30 PM after you slept in because you drank too much Whiskey with your Grandma on Thanksgiving? That’s cool. Because we probably did, too.

Note: This only counts for people who come IN the store. No, it won’t work on our website, sorry. No, you can’t call and pay over the phone and come pick them up next week. And NO, sorry, but this offer is not good for shoes, hoodies, or hats. And if you don’t live close enough to come in and take advantage of this special, we are sorry. Move closer!

The Ave

64 Windward Ave

Venice Beach, 90291