Councilman Bonin and Mayor Garcetti Plan Safety Review of Venice Boardwalk


Councilman Bonin has spent much of his evening at the scene of this evening’s tragic events on Ocean Front Walk. Bonin says he is “as always, incredibly impressed by the diligence, hard work, and professionalism of the men and women of the LAPD and LAFD”.

Car drives on Venice Boardwalk 8-3-13

When I asked Councilman Bonin if there will likely be new car barricades on the boardwalk as a result of this evening’s tragedy, the Councilman responded “absolutely!” and said that he will be “conferring with LAPD and LAFD over the next couple days to compile a full list of their recommendations, including bollards or barricades, to prevent this type of horrible tragedy from ever happening again”.

The Councilman added “I have already spoken to Mayor Garcetti to secure his support as well”.

Our condolences to all that were injured today and their families.