Artists + Surfers for Sandy Relief Benefit Tonight!


Sarah Belden Fine Art will host a benefit auction in partnership with Paddle 8 and the Waterhouse Project Gallery this evening to raise money for the rebuilding of the coastal community of Rockaway, Queens, post-hurricane Sandy. All proceeds will go to the Robin Hood Sandy Relief Fund and the Greybeards of Rockaway.


The evening will include art, music (DJs Heidi and Tavish) and cocktails by Kraken Rum, with an after-party at the RG Club.

You can bid in person or at Paddle 8 online. Local Venice surfer-artists who have donated their art include pro-surfer Danny Fuller, artists Lynn Grayson, Pentti Monkonnen, Andy Moses and photographer Pascal Shirley. Other featured artists include:

Carla Andrade, Kelly Barrie, Theo Anderson, Kelly Barrie, Man Bartlett, Boa Mistura, Angel Chen, Blair Chivers, Christina Dimitriadis, Lynn Grayson, Tanya Haden, Kate Harding, Kayrock, Alice Konitz, Marci Macguffie, Trong Nguyen, Nicky Nodjoumi, Stas Orlovski, Claudia Parducci, Werner Pawlok, Mary Anna Pomonis, Stephanie Pryor, Melissa Steckbauer, Dani Tull, Ernesto Tatafiore, Jack Warren, Michael Williams and Massimo Vitali.

Waterhouse Project Gallery
2545 Lincoln
Venice 90291