Abbot Kinney Festival Schedule and Vendor List 2012!


The Abbot Kinney Festival is today from 10am-6pm! The Music lineup with set times and all vendor information is below!

Abbot Kinney Festival 2012

The Spirit of Venice awards, along with the festivals community grant awards, will be presented at 2:15 on the Andalusia stage. The recipients are:

Bill Rosendahl (11th District Councilmember since 2005)
LAFD Station 63 (The life savers of Venice)
Don Novack (Hal’s Bar and Grill, community patron)
Jim Smith (The Free Venice Beachhead Collective)

Vendor Locations:

Click here for the complete vendor list! Click here to see the corresponding map full size to use as your guide!

2012 Abbot Kinney Festival Map



The Brooks Stage Produced by DUBLAB: (Brooks and Abbot Kinney)

The Dublab strives to turn you onto the most exciting and inspiring bands from across the greater Los Angeles area. Their combined mission is to show the world why L.A. is the best place for music lovers to live! Every band on this stage has been featured on dublab’s radio transmissions and we are thrilled to share their sounds with you.

10:00-10:45am: Daedelus (dj set)
10:45-11:30am: Aaron Embry (live)
11:30-Noon: Sam Wolk (dj set)
Noon-12:45pm: Gaby Hernandez & The Light (live)
12:45-1:15pm: Ale (dj set)
1:15-2:00pm: Chicano Batman (live)
2:00pm-2:30pm: Jake Jenkins (dj set)
2:30-3:15pm: Pharaohs (live)
3:15-3:45pm: Jake Viator (dj set)
3:45-4:30pm: Ethio-Cali Ensemble (live)
4:30pm-5:00pm: Suzanne Kraft (dj set)
5:00-6:00pm: Nite Jewel (live)

The Andalusia Stage is produced by MILKMADE and is located at Andalusia Ave.

Widely known for illuminating the best and brightest in independent fashion and lifestyle, MILKMADE turns its exacting lense on the independent voices of Los Angeles’ musical heartbeat, once again. Hand-picked from the storied music halls of the Southland, these intrepid troubadours & beat architects collectively stake this city’s contemporary claim to the great American songwriting traditions of roots music, rock & roll, and classic soul.

11:00AM-11:30AM: Telenovela
12:00PM-12:30PM: TEEBS
12:45PM-1:15PM: Tutu Sweeney & The Brothers Band
1:30PM-2:00PM: P.LO [My Hollow Drum] (DJ Set)
2:15PM-3:00PM: 2012 AKFA Community Grants Presentation
3:15PM-3:45PM: CO.FEE [My Hollow Drum]
4:00PM-4:30PM: DWNTWN

The Palms Stage at The Brig is produced by dubFrequency and is located at Palms Ave.

The Palms Stage at the Brig will be presented by dFm. Their long history of curating forward-thinking showcases at festivals like Coachella, SXSW and Lollapalooza makes them an ideal partner to bring the best in emerging live acts and DJ’s; while highlighting the Venice music scene and integrating the community’s local heroes.

10:00AM-11:30AM: Keith 2.0 (DJ Set)
11:30AM- 2:05PM: Carousel
12:05PM-2:15 PM: Bixel Boys (DJ Set)
2:10PM-3:10PM: Them Jeans (DJ Set)
3:10PM-3:45PM: American Royalty
3:45PM-4:00PM: Bixel Boys (DJ Set)
4:00PM-4:45PM: Living Things
4:45PM-6:00PM: Guns In Sun (DJ Set)

The TOT LOT & KIDsQUAD at Westminister are packed full of fun for the entire Family!

9:45AM – Family Festival Kick-Off Parade (start California Ave / end
Westminster Ave)
10:00AM – Sandra Sandia-Latin Interactive music for all ages!
10:40AM – Madame Chocolat’s Tea Ceremony!
11:15AM – Apple BrainsMusic
11:50AM – The Shoo Flies-Acoustic Americana!
12:45PM – School of Rock! “A live performance by the West LA House-band
2:30PM – A Place Called Home Band
3:20PM – Kristen Cook and the Move and Play Musicians
4:15PM – Ellyn Maybe’s Poetry Rodeo
5:00PM – SuperBroke-Brass Tin and Strings Electric Marching Band!

10:30AM – Steven Michael Schwartz
11:00AM – David Tobocman
11:30AM – Steven Michael Schwartz
12:00PM – Birdie’s Playhouse
12:30PM – David Tobocman
1:00PM – Birdie’s Playhouse
1:30PM – Kristen Cook & The Move n’ Play Musicians
2:00PM – Matt & Ellen
2:30PM – Moo Moo Musica
3:00PM – Matt & Ellen
3:30PM – Moo Moo Musica
4:00PM – Andrew & Polly
4:30PM – Kristen Cook & The Move n’ Play Musicians
5:00PM – Andrew & Polly