“Porsche Vs. Ferrari”: Fast, Furious and Stupid in Venice Beach


There is a longstanding rivalry between Porsche and Ferrari owners. Porsches win races, Ferraris not so much. That is with real drivers on race courses however. Racing on the streets of Venice all bets are off, especially when someone with no talent gives it a go like allegedly happened earlier this evening.

Porsche GT3 Crash Venice Beach California

From what witnesses say, Ed M., aka “Mr. White GT3RS” was allegedly racing a black Ferrari. The Ferrari driver allegedly realized that Market Street dead ends and hit the brakes. “Mr. White GT3RS” swerved to miss him and hit a Mercedes then spun around and hit a black car. One woman was almost run over.

“Mr. White GT3RS” allegedly paid a tow truck driver in cash to haul the car away before the LAPD came. The LAPD was called around 7 pm and showed up at 8:30. They have the plate number.

Porsche GT3 Crash Venice Beach California

Mr White GT3RS guy: There are plenty of places to legally race your vehicle. Yer a kook for supposedly doing it on the streets of Venice. Get it? Got it? Good. Go get yourself a Prius as you obviously do not have the skills or maturity to drive a GT3RS on public roads. The RS with half cage looks cool, but you need training wheels dude.

If your car got hit, here is who you are looking for: California Plate 6LjR555.




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