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Here are the basic principles that Yo! Venice was founded on:

1. Don’t be mean just for meanness sake. We are here to celebrate the community. If dinner someplace sucked, go there two more times before you take the time to write that it sucks. A lot of people read this blog and it isn’t fair to slam businesses based on a one time experience. Everyone and everyplace has their off days. More often than not, when we experience some horrible meal or bad service, we just don’t go back and don’t blog it here. All of that noted, fair and just warnings about businesses in Venice can be acceptable … just not personal vendettas.

2. Don’t make posts about yourself, your own business or your good friend’s business without explaining your relationship in the post. We will probably be able to see right through that ruse. And besides, it’s nice to hear about a business from the owner – it helps people feel connected to their neighborhood.

3. That is about it. Fair and just, trying not to criticize just to be a critic.

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  1. Lost dog at Lincoln and Washington Mon 12/30. Car accident and ran away. Tri color corgi, Tegan, collar and tags, reward, loved family pet. Call Beth 714-536-0075, please help me get her back!!!

  2. A grey backpack with my camera for work and three lenses was taken from Plancha taco shop on Venice and Pacific Sunday night, I have photos and security camera footage of the two men who took it. The camera is a black 5d mkii and the lenses are a canon 50mm, Sigma 28mm, and fisheye attachment. Any information would be highly appreciated as I need the footage on the camera for work and that camera is my livelihood . If you have any information of these two please contact