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We want to thank the community for voting in this year’s Best Of Venice 2021! We had well over 30,000 votes from the community this year and many nominations – it is truly amazing to see the community come together for that!
This year, we encourage you to shop local for the holidays
– whether they are the “Best” business in their category, a nominated business or a business that isn’t even listed in this publication – small businesses are what makes
our communities thrive!

So, as we start to hear more and more news about supply chain issues and big box stores not having gifts for the holidays, we encourage you to look local – shop small this holiday season and support all your community businesses!
From our family to yours, we wish you an amazing end of the year and a happy holiday season! As always, thank you for reading, following, watching and supporting!

Best Restaurant 

Winner – Gjelina
Address: 1427 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 392-7575
Website: gjelina.com

2nd Place Runner Up – Superba Food + Bread
Address: 1900 Lincoln Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 907-5075
Website: superbafoodandbread.com
Equal parts dine in restaurant and take away coffee shop and bakery, Superba Food + Bread offers the opportunity to swing by for a fresh baguette, indulge in a morning coffee, or enjoy a meal highlighting Southern California’s best produce from both local farms and Superba’s backyard garden.

3rd Place Runner Up – Venice Ale House
Address: 2 Rose Ave
Phone Number: (310) 314-8253
Website: venicealehouse.com

Best Happy Hour 

Winner – James Beach
Address: 60 N Venice Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 823-5396
Website: jamesbeach.com/

2nd Place Runner Up – Venice Whaler
Address: 10 Washington Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 821-8737
Website: venicewhaler.com

3rd Place Runner Up – Sidewalk Cafe
Address: 1401 Ocean Front Walk
Phone Number: (310) 399-5547
Website: thesidewalkcafe.com

Best Local Boutique

Winner – General Store
Address: 1801 Lincoln Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 751-6393
Website: shop-generalstore.com

2nd Place Runner Up – General Admission
Address: 12808 Venice Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 313-1364
Website: generaladmission.com

3rd Place Runner Up – Ananda
Address: 1354 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 450-2607
Website: anandacollective.com

Best Hospital/Urgent Care

Winner – Venice Family Clinic
Address: 604 Rose Ave
Phone Number: (310) 392-8636
Website: venicefamilyclinic.org
For more than 50 years, Venice Family Clinic has provided quality primary health care to people in need, growing from a small storefront operation into one of Los Angeles’ leading community health centers.
Venice Family Clinic’s model delivers comprehensive and integrated care, providing multiple services, often at the same locations and same time as primary care appointments, which lowers barriers to care for patients. In addition to primary care, the Clinic’s services include mental health, dental care, vision care, substance use treatment, child development services, prescription medications, HIV services, street medicine for people experiencing homelessness, health insurance enrollment and more.

2nd Place Runner Up – The Westside Clinic
Address: 3019 Washington Blvd,
Phone Number: (310) 305-1801
Website: thewestsideclinic.com

3rd Place Runner Up – Exer Urgent Care
Address: 8985 Venice Blvd Ste. A3B
Phone Number: (424) 502-1020
Website: exerurgentcare.com/urgent-care-culver-city

Best Real Estate Agent/Broker

Winner – Pardee Properties
Address: 1524 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 907-6517
Website: pardeeproperties.com
Founder and CEO of Pardee Properties, Tami Pardee has established dramatic new standards of success in real estate. She is the creator of a cutting-edge concierge brokerage model, using specialized teams to create life-changing client experiences in buying and selling homes. Since its inception in 2005, Pardee has sold over $6 billion worth of residential and commercial real estate across California. Tami has always put her heart into the communities she serves, donating over $1.5 million toward uplifting underserved areas of Venice and West Los Angeles over the last 16 years.

2nd Place Runner Up – Silicon Beach Homes
Address: 13900 Marquesas Way #6003
Phone Number: (424) 272-0916
Website: siliconbeachhomesinla.com
An indie, woman-owned real estate brokerage perfecting the art of customer service.
We are a tech-savvy real estate Company with the #1 searched site for homes in the Silicon Beach area. Customer service drives us and the results make our clients happy.

3rd Place Runner Up – Bulldog Realtors
Address: 1209 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 452-5004
Website: bulldogrealtors.com

Best Art Gallery 

Winner – Universal Art Gallery
Address: 2001 Lincoln Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 302-8909
Website: framegallery.com

2nd Place Runner Up – Bright Moments
Address: 62 Windward Ave
Phone Number: None
Website: brightmoments.io

3rd Place Runner Up – Vessel
Address: 64 Windward Ave
Phone Number: (347) 241-1133
Website: vessel.store

Best Health Store 

Winner – Rainbow Acres
Address: 13208 Washington Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 306-8330
Website: rainbowacresca.com

2nd Place Runner Up – Erewhon Market
Address: 585 Venice Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 362-3062
Website: erewhonmarket.com

3rd Place Runner Up – Nutritional Warehouse
Address: 2118 Lincoln Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 392-3636
Website: facebook.com/nutritionalwarehouse/

Best Pet Store/Grooming Service

Winner – The Dog Bakery
Address: 12112 Venice Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 313-1801
Website: thedogbakery.com

2nd Place Runner Up – Kriser’s Natural Pet
Address: 303 Lincoln Blvd
Phone Number: (424) 744-8329
Website: krisers.com

3rd Place Runner Up – The Pet Affaire
Address: 3013 Lincoln Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 396-0804
Website: petaffaire.com

Best Coffee Shop

Winner – Menotti’s Coffee Stop
Address: 56 Windward Ave
Phone Number: (424) 205-7014
Website: menottiscoffeeveniceca.com

2nd Place Runner Up – Intelligentsia Coffee Venice Coffeebar
Address: 1331 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 399-1233
Website: intelligentsia.com/pages/venice-coffeebar

3rd Place Runner Up –  Groundwork Coffee Co.
Address: 671 Rose Ave
Phone Number: (310) 664-8830
Website: groundworkcoffee.com/pages/venice-on-rose

Best Best Dispensary

Winner –  Green Goddess Collective
Address: 1716 Main St
Phone Number: (844) 420-8442
Website: greengoddesscollective.com

2nd Place Runner Up – MedMen Venice Beach
Address: 410 Lincoln Blvd
Phone Number: (424) 625-0740
Website: medmen.com

3rd Place Runner Up – ​​Erba Venice – Formerly The Green Dot
Address: 4200 Lincoln Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 578-8300
Website: thegreendotla.com

Best Jeweler/Jewelry

Winner –  gorjanam
Address: 1639 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Phone Number: (424) 268-4279
Website: gorjana.com

2nd Place Runner Up – Bracken Jewelers
Address: Lincoln Blvd, Venice
Phone Number: (310) 821-6006
Website: toddbracken.com

3rd Place Runner Up – ​​Miansai Abbot Kinney
Address: 1116 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 683-0060
Website: miansai.com

Best Massage/Medical Spa

Winner –  The Massage Place
Address: 245 Main St
Phone Number: (310) 399-5566
Website: themassageplacevenice.com

2nd Place Runner Up – Spa Sophia
Address: 1027 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 564-6676
Website: spasophia.com

3rd Place Runner Up – ​​Take Care
Address: 1733 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 881-8308
Website: takecarebody.com

Best Gym/Workout Facility

Winner –  The Gym Venice
Address: 12257 Venice Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 439-2286
Website: thegymvenice.com

2nd Place Runner Up – PLATEFIT Venice
Address: 1919 Lincoln Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 439-1234
Website: platefit.co

3rd Place Runner Up – ​​F45 Training Venice
Address: 2321 Abbot Kinney Blvd Suite 102
Phone Number: (310) 734-2236
Website: f45training.com/venice/home

Best Live Music Venue

Winner – Hinano Cafe
Address: 15 Washington Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 822-3902
Website: hinanocafevenice.com

2nd Place Runner Up – The Brig
Address: 1515 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 399-7537
Website: thebrig.com

3rd Place Runner Up – The Venice Beach Bar and Kitchen
Address: 323 Ocean Front Walk
Phone Number: (310) 392-3997
Website: thevenicebeachbar

Best Dry Cleaners/Laundry Service 

Winner – Lincoln Dry Cleaners
Address: 839 Lincoln Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 399-7915
Website: None

2nd Place Runner Up – Venice Cleaners
Address: 11277 Venice Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 390-2165
Website: venicecleaners.com

3rd Place Runner Up – Marina Del Rey Quality Cleaners
Address: 720 Washington Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 823-4000
Website: None

Best Wellness Service 

Winner – Kismet
Address: 812 1/2 Lincoln Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 383-7670
Website: kismetsalem.com

2nd Place Runner Up – Human Garage
Address: 2004 Lincoln Blvd
Phone Number: (323) 325-5787
Website: humangarage.net

3rd Place Runner Up – Holistic Wellness Center Los Angeles
Address: 12927 Venice Blvd
Phone Number: (877) 496-3939
Website: rocketshipwellness.com

Best Dentist 

Winner – Venice Dental Group
Address: 12563 Venice Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 390-2423
Website: venicedentalgroup.com

2nd Place Runner Up – Design Dental Spa
Address: 3206 Washington Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 822-3833
Website: designdentalspa.com

3rd Place Runner Up – Dental Solutions
Address: 3017 Washington Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 822-4340
Website: dentalsolutionsla.com

Best Tattoo and Piercing

Winner – Ink Monkey Tattoo and Piercing
Address: 2417 Lincoln Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 822-9138
Website: theinkmonkey.com

2nd Place Runner Up – Royal Heritage Tattoo and Piercing
Address: 1515 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Phone Number: (323) 782-9977
Website: royalheritagetattoo.com

3rd Place Runner Up – One Love Tattoo
Address: 620 Lincoln Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 883-3858
Website: instagram.com/onelovetattoovb

Best Kids Pre School or Service

Winner – The Academy at Venice: A Bright Horizons Preschool
Address: 2201 Lincoln Blvd
Phone Number: (323) 316-9083
Website: child-care-preschool.brighthorizons.com/ca/venice

2nd Place Runner Up – Abbot Kinney Kids Pre
Address: 582 Venice Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 822-9801
Website: None

3rd Place Runner Up – ​​A Kid’s Place
Address: 12306 Venice Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 390-0401
Website: akidsplacela.com

Best Auto Service 

Winner –  Venice Beach Auto Body
Address: 703 Hampton Dr
Phone Number: (310) 396-3221
Website: None

2nd Place Runner Up – Marina Auto Body
Address: 721 Washington Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 822-6615
Website: marinaautobody.com

3rd Place Runner Up – ​​A & G Auto Repair & Body Shop
Address: 2499 Lincoln Blvd
Phone Number: (310) 305-8855
Website: laxmechanic.com

Best Cosmetic Services

Winner – Alexandra Wagner Skin Care
Address: None
Phone Number: (310) 399-0123
Website: alexandrawagnerskincare.com

2nd Place Runner Up – Stoker Plastic Surgery: David Stoker, MD
Address: 4640 Admiralty Way #1000
Phone Number: (310) 300-1779
Website: drstoker.com

3rd Place Runner Up – ​​Beauty Innovations
Address: 4560 Admiralty Way suite 110 b
Phone Number: (310) 780-1602
Website: laserlipola.com