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About Yo! Venice!

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Yo! Venice! was started by two friends, Keri and Bret, to create a communal blog for residents of Venice Beach California.

In today’s world of RSS feeds, they felt that a blog would be a perfect place for people to let others know how they view the Venice Beach community through words and pictures. It is hoped that this site will become a communal blog with many people submitting stories for all in the community to share.

Do you have a story to share? Do you want to blog for Yo! Venice? Then get in touch with us!


The fastest way to reach us is to send an email by clicking here!

“Snail mail” us at:

Yo! Venice!
P.O. Box 12
Venice, Ca. 90294

Or call the office at (424) 234-1952

  • Your site is GREAT guys! I love keeping up with Venice and the happenings here on the blvd. I have a store on the street and put a link to your site on my blog for all my customers! Keep it up!

  • YoVenice is the perfect web site for Veniceites, their friends and neighbors to learn and see a little more about each other and this unique and eclectic community in LA.

    Although I’m not currently a Venice resident, I soon will be as I’m in Venice more often than I am at my home and am vigorously seeking to make Venice my new home.

    Great Start and keep up the good work. I know it will go far.

  • I just stumbled upon this site by mistake while surfing the net. A Venetian for 5 years now, this is a great little find! Thanks!

  • Dig your Iditarod coverage. The antler cart won for Best Cart.

    Did you guys make it out to the Otheroom for the anniversary? Heard it was full to the brim. What else is new.

    Great site, you’ve been blogrolled! Cheers.

  • The site is super informative, the pictures are gorgeous, and y’all are wicked clever… I’m moving to Venice in a few months and am even more excited about getting out there after perusing the archives!

  • Great job guys! I’ve been a Venetian for 9 years now and always enjoy reading anything that celebrates our great community.

  • Hey guys, I come from germany and I think next year I’m going to visit Venice. – Your blog is a great way to learn something about it. – Looks like the place, I always wanted to live in. – Great job!

  • WooHoo! I love that you have this site, I’ve been here for just under 2 years and have my thinking cap on about what I can contribute…
    Thanks for a wonderful site!

  • It may be my last month in Venice after almost 6 years here and I only found about you guys today. Oh well. Better late than never.

  • Thanks for doing this, guys. I have lived in Venice my whole life (28 years) and I appreciate you creating this blog. I’ve been using it as my local “go to” for events, so thank you!

  • the proper term for a group from Venice is ‘Venetians’… i’m not a perfectionist, but using ‘veniceites’ just sounds retarded…

  • lost dog..Last seen on 9/10/17 @ Penmar Park. Small 2 year old Male
    (shaved except for head & tail) Black/white Maltese/Yorkie mix..May have been stolen! If found please contact (310) 962-7534

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