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Rose Pelosi practices her Ganda Bherundasana Chin Stand.

by Rose Pelosi

Ganda Bherundasana Chin Stand, an inversion.

This is one of my favorite inversions. The one and two legged Chataranga is secretly preparing us for the Ganda Bherundasana in Vinyasa Flow.

•Keep a strong base with your hands, fingers spread wide.

•Look forward and let your weight follow. Shifting your shoulders past your wrists.

•Elbows hug in towards your ribs, just like Chatagranga, as you lower down.

•Do what you can to keep your shoulders out of your ears, releasing any unnecessary tension in the neck or upper back.

•As your chin comes down one leg at a time rises behind you and it is their extension that will keep you lifted.

•It can be nice to enter from a one legged down dog, as your leg will already be high in the air as you transition.

•You can use your chin as a point of grounding to rise into this shape, but once you’re lifted, activate your upper body and press your chin away from the ground floating just above the surface.

•Keep breathing, trust, and press the floor away like you mean it.

Also, have fun! Otherwise, what’s the point?

Tune up your yoga practice with helpful tips from Venice-based yoga teacher Rose Pelosi. Pelosi teaches private lessons and leads yoga on Venice Beach every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday throughout the Summer. Follow her on Instagram @bodyloveyoga.