Free Speech Zone


Stand by your words

by Yo! Venice Editor Melanie Camp

The forum on was a huge part of the Yo! Venice community and after much consideration, we’ve decided to shut it down.

Yes, we are sad about it. Our founder Bret Haller built Yo! Venice around the forum. However, over the past couple of years, it has descended into something akin to a bunch of monkeys hurling sh*t at each other. We have received numerous emails from people who have been hurt by the words written. A big driver of this is the ability to share anonymous posts on the forum or hide behind an avatar connected to a random gmail address.

Anonymous forums are for those with something to hide, and if you live in Venice, you’ve nothing to hide. Anything goes here. What would Venice be without its constant crazy tangle of clashing ideas?

If you want to comment on a story on Yo! you can still do so on our Facebook, or write a letter to the editor. We want a community of people who are accountable. Yo! Venice will not censor you if you have something to say. (Unless you share something that is not yours to share, like a personal address or phone number, or naked photo.) No more anonymous posting. Be prepared to stand by your words and not hide behind an avatar.

Free speech is vital, but it is pointless if we are not willing to take ownership of our words.