Everyone is Clairvoyant!

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By Aura Walker, MA, Cht

I went through a stage about three years ago where I became fascinated with investigating tarot, psychics, and such. I delved into trying sessions with people directly referred to me. Solely by word of mouth.

What I found, was that I met some very nice, mostly polite, and sometimes kooky, well-meaning individuals. Each had their own style. Some picked up on my fears and anxieties about the things I was upset about. They ran with that narrative. Truly doing me no favors. Others seemed more honed and quite intuitive. They gave me relevant, and often very practical advice.

Towards the end of my search for answers, about whether or not psychics or cards readers were valid. I landed at a school. I happened to be on vacation and somehow found out that there was a school ten minutes away from where I was staying. I had a session there, then took classes with them. What I learned, is that we are all able to tap into our own intuition.

Based on my training as a mental health counselor and hypnotherapist, I already knew that the human body is a mechanism which, when properly accessed, can be fine tuned to re-program for better health. The body is also able to be accessed to release and let go of old, unwanted associations and false or bad memories in a productive manner. Thus, making room for new, better experiences, and more useful goals. However, the added skills I learned were about using one’s own intuition, and I was able to further developed my skills as a practitioner. I learned to ground and shield myself. I learned to listen to my inner voice. To discern what is truth and what is inner mind, fantasy. I learned how fantasy and imagination can help manifest goals when used purposefully.

In seeking answers through professional psychics and card readers, I learned that, as with any practitioner, one must use their common sense and work with someone skilled. Someone who has training and experience. I take full responsibility for paying people who basically said what they thought I wanted to hear. In the end, about 60% of what those individuals told me, was incorrect. The people who were more accurate, again, seemed to have had some actual life experience and training in some fashion; whether it was medical, or some form of mental health and counseling training. One or two people I consulted with, were naturally, incredibly intuitive. They had spent most of their lives honing their intuitive skills.

If you are curious about psychics and card readers, I suggest working on developing your own intuition. How? I can help you. First come in and get cleared of old blocks. Then, start getting in touch with your inner self. I can show you how. Call me when you are ready. Cheers!

1. Aura Walker Mar 3Aura Walker is a seasoned mental health counselor and holistic health expert. She specializes in the use of hypnotherapy for rapid healing in short term care. Write to her, and she may feature your question or problem in her Yo! Venice column. E-mail [email protected] or call 310.382.6313.