Setting The Day Right, One Year At A Time


Guy Camilleri catching a wave at Venice Beach.

8:00 a.m.

By Guy Camilleri

It’s 8:00 am in Venice Beach. I’m sitting on my surfboard (in the ocean), not a swimming pool in my backyard…. keeping it real, Venetians. It’s quiet, meditation-like-quiet. The Santa Monica Mountains are to the north of me, Venice Pier down south. A set of waves approach; I paddle for one and catch it, reading and reacting according to what is being given to me. I use what is being given to me; in place of anticipating what I think might happen. After completing my ride, I paddle back out to the lineup and adhere to the simple instructions commonly found on the back of shampoo bottles; rinse and repeat as needed.

I’m Guy Camilleri, a Venice-based actor and acting coach and surfing is how I set my day right.

Every other week, I’ll be writing to you about the art and craft of acting, writing and directing, right here in my very own column. I currently facilitate an acting class Wednesday evenings at my studio, RAW acting studio, located at the Electric Lodge in Venice. Our studio is a safe, dynamic space and each week individuals are encouraged to dig deeper into their art as an actor, writer and director ensuring that your voice will be heard.

The purpose of this additional piece of writing is to introduce you to my methods, the various artists I meet in my day-to-day, whilst musing on the enigmatic character that is Venice. The very reason I moved to Venice was because I was so inspired by the sheer number of creative people that reside here, and of course, to surf.

One of the things I especially like about Venice is the opportunity to notice. I like to say; “noticing in of itself is an art” and as an actor, teacher and writer there is no shortage of the opportunity to observe on a daily basis in Venice Beach. A by-product of setting my day right is that it gives me clarity of mind, body, and soul and informs me in a myriad of ways to create.

As an actor, relaxation is the key ingredient in order to concentrate. Surfing is the perfect analogy for acting. It requires a relaxed body, focus and the uncanny ability to respond moment to moment to what’s really happening in front of you.

This is what works for me, what sets your day right in 2017?

Guy Camilleri is a Venice-based actor and acting coach. He runs the RAW acting studio and teaches regular classes on Wednesday nights at Electric Lodge, 1416 Electric Ave., Venice. For details email [email protected]. Follow Guy on Instagram @guycamilleri.



Guy Camilleri with his dog Blaze on Venice Beach.



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