Fire Forces Temporary Closure of Café 50’s in Venice



Café 50s Venice Fire 3
Café 50’s in Venice closed until further notice

Today inspectors will tear away part of the wall in the kitchen of Café 50s at 838 Lincoln Blvd in Venice to see what might have started a fire in the building on June 27th, forcing the café to temporarily close until further notice.

Café 50s Venice Fire 5
Fire burns Café 50’s in Venice


At this stage an electrical fault seems to be the likely cause of the fire which started 40 minutes after workers closed up shop for the evening on Monday night. A café employee said one of business owners cried as he watched the fire department fight the fire.

Café 50s Venice Fire 7
Soot clouds the windows after a kitchen fire at Café 50’s in Venice

The stale smell of smoke lingers in the air. The café’s windows are clouded with soot. As of
now when Café 50’s will be able to re-open for business is anyone’s guess but the owners worry it could be as long as 3 months. Bad news for neighbors but worse news for employees, some of who have worked at the café since it opened almost 30 years ago.