Sacking Coastal Commission Executive Director a Big Mistake?



Venice locals Kevin Keresey, Ilana Marosi, and (Land Use and Planning ) LUPC Chair Robin Rudisill feature in Steve Lopez’s  LA Times column today addressing California Coastal Commission member Mark Vargas’ refusal to translate a statement he made in Spanish to English at a public hearing in Santa Monica.

Vargas even used Spanish expletives as he cut down those who wanted a translator, you can read the translation of that outburst in Lopez’s piece.

Would something like this have happened under the helm of now ousted Executive Director Charles Lester?

Does Vargas traveling to Ireland for a U2 concert shortly before joining an unanimous “yes” vote to approve the band’s guitarist’s proposal to build 5 mansions on the Malibu coast, smell a little fishy?

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Read Lopez’s column reporting on Vargas’ profanity laden public address here.