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Joe's Restaurant


Tonight Venice says “good bye” to Joe’s Restaurant. The Abbot Kinney OG has been in the ‘hood for nearly a quarter of a century and tonight will join the list of old faves who have shut up shop on old West Washington Blvd.

In a heartfelt email message to those on the Joe’s Restaurant mailing list, Chef Joseph Miller made the announcement that his restaurant would be saying goodbye to Venice writing, “after 24 years, I have decided to close Joe’s Restaurant. My restaurant. I have had a great run bringing Farmer’s Market-driven, fine-dining to Abbot Kinney. I have seen this community through many changes.”

Miller says that the decision to close came with mixed feelings, and he hopes locals, “who have frequented my restaurant over the years will find time before the 14th of February to come in for one more meal and to say good- bye. But most of all, I want to say, thank you.”

This Valentine’s Day a  whole lot of love will be pouring into the place. The restaurant is fully booked for the evening but is welcoming walk-ins and while you will most likely not get a table Joe’s is happy to squish anyone into the bar for one last hurrah.

Thank you Joe’s Restaurant. Venice will miss you.

Goodbye Letter from Joe's Abbot Kinney
Goodbye Letter from Joe’s Abbot Kinney