Halloween Can be a Spooky Time for Pets



Animal officials urge pet owners to take precautions this Halloween, warning that while Halloween may be a fun time for humans it is not always the case for our furry friends.

Pets can easily be spooked by the constant ringing of door bells, or knocking at doors that come with the parade of trick-or-treaters. Also, while candy is all part of the fun for kids and adults alike, most candies are toxic to animals.

Happy Halloween From Tricka 1
After this photo-op as a pumpkin Tricka the dog tore her costume to pieces, safeguarding from any future Halloween shame

Officials at LA Animal Services and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals  in Los Angeles  stress that animals are not always happy playing dress ups, no matter how cute the owner may believe them to be.

Animal Services officials recommended that pet owners stick with no more than a decorative collar and ensure that it has an ID tag with proper contact information.

Here are a series of tips offered by various animal-safety groups:

  • Ensure pets are licensed and microchipped with current information.
  • Keep animals in a room away from the front door while trick-or-
    treaters are visiting.
  • Walk dogs before trick-or-treaters start arriving.
  • Do not take pets trick-or-treating.
  • Ensure that burning candles and jack-o-lanterns are kept away from animals and their wagging tails.
  • Keep pets away from candy, which can be toxic to them, and keep a phone number handy for poison control and a veterinarian just in case.