Electric Skateboards Illegal?



Yo! skaters, did you have any idea that cruising down the boardwalk on your electric-powered board was totally against the law?

Yep, thanks to clunky 1970’s mechanics – that made gas-powered skateboards so noisy they had to be banned – the electric board you’ve been riding has been making you a total bad-ass law-breaker.

Have no fear though, on Sunday, Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 604. Meaning anyone over 13 is free to ride their electric skateboard within bicycle lanes all over California.

There are a couple of things to check first…

1) The law comes into effect on Jan 1, 2016

2) As individual cities can decide if they like the law or not,  the use of electric-powered skateboards may not be legal everywhere.

KCAL 9’s Jeff Nguyen was at the skatepark to tell the full story and show us he totally belongs in Venice Beach…