Venice resident arrested after cops find fake identification cards


Santa Monica police arrested a Venice resident on Friday, Oct. 31 after this male suspect was found in possession of a handful of fake identification cards.

A patrolling officer of the Santa Monica Police Department spotted a Dodge Caravan heading northbound along the 1300 block of Lincoln Boulevard at 5:15 pm on this day.

The officer’s steely eyes sent signals to his mind that suggested that there was something suspicious about this vehicle so a traffic stop was initiated.

The officer ran a computer check on the vehicle and discovered that the tabs on the vehicle did not match the DMV information relating to the vehicle.

The officer probed further and discovered the driver did not possess a driver’s license.

The officers then conducted an inventory evaluation of the contents of this vehicle and found several forged documents including a Department of Justice Permanent Resident Card, Social Security Card, and California driver’s license.

The driver’s license number and social security number belonged to other people. The officers questioned the suspect about these items. The individual eventually confessed that he was aware that the documents were fake.

This 51-year-old man was arrested and charged with forging an official seal, identity theft, and driving without a valid California driver’s license. Bail was set at $20,000 and the Dodge Caravan was impounded.