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LAPD: Do Not Be A Victim Of Hot Prowl Burglaries

The Pacific Division of the Los Angeles Police Dept. (LAPD), whose beat includes Venice, issued an advisory this week of how to prevent being a victim of “hot prowl burglaries.”

Below is the full LAPD advisory.

Hot Prowl Burglaries are increasing. What can you do to prevent from being a victim. Follow these tips:

What is a Hot Prowl Burglary? A Hot Prowl is when a burglary is committed but the resident is home. Most burglars target homes they believe are unoccupied, and are not looking for confrontation. Confrontation increases the danger for both parties and most times the thief would just like to take your property and run.

A major contributing factor to most Hot Prowl burglaries is that the victim’s home was left open, unsecured, or unlocked. Burglars have told us that they look for open or unlocked doors or windows and that most times they can find them.

Leaving windows or doors unlocked and open while you sleep is even more dangerous because your home will most likely appear to be unoccupied and dark. You are also more likely to be less aware and able to react when woken up. A burglar may think they have found a good target, which looks like no one is home but the simple theft of property can become much worse when a thief startles you awake in your home.

Here are some tools and strategies to protect your home and family:

1. Lock and secure windows and doors – Close all windows in rooms that you cannot monitor (sleeping). If you must leave a window open to stay cool, only leave windows open in the room you occupy. Use secondary window locks like dowels, or pins.

2. Use an Audible Alarm – In many cases would be burglars are scared off by audible alarms. Zones can set new systems so the alarm can be turned on for part of the home you are not occupying, while it remains off for the zone that you are in. A less expensive alternative are personal alarms, which are powered by batteries. They can be purchased at home improvement stores. Set up these alarms on windows or doors to alert you of intruders. Some of these can be as loud as a standard alarm.

3. Make it appear that you are home – This will help to deter thieves. You can leave your television or radio on. Leave lights on. Leave blinds partially open. If someone knocks on your door answer it through the door without opening it. This way possible burglars know your home.

4. Do not leave valuables visible in your home – Valuables left visible from outside your home are targets for thieves. Items like laptops, iPads, smartphones, wallets, money, jewelry, and car keys are prime targets.

If you suspect someone is in your home immediately make him or her aware that you know they are there. Screaming or yelling loudly will also alert your neighbors to a problem. Next immediately call 9-1-1. If you can, provide a description of the suspect and the suspect’s last known direction, only if it is safe to do so.

For more information please follow LAPD Pacific Division on social media:
Twitter- @LAPDPacific

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