Segways: NoWay or YesWay?


Sorry for the groan-inducing title, sometimes we cannot resist. Forum member Mike O’Brien posted that a draft ordinance is being transmitted as an urgent measure, which, as described in a letter from the City Attorney, would amend LA Municipal Code “…to include electric personal assistive mobility devices, as well as hybrid, multiple-wheeled motor scooter-type devices, and hybrid, multiple-wheeled electric personal assistive mobility-type devices as devices prohibited from operating on any boardwalk, sidewalk, bike path or ‘other public way within the limit of any park consisting of beach lands or beach properties adjoining the waterfront of the Pacific Ocean between the southerly boundary of the City of Santa Monica and Washington Street in the City of Los Angeles.”

I personally have seen people cruising around on electric-powered wheeled vehicles of one type or another in heavy pedestrian traffic, at speeds that seemed, to me at least, to be reckless, for lack of a better word. At the same time, I have seen plenty of people on non-electric-powered wheeled vehicles behaving just as irresponsibly. That is to say, I can see both sides of the argument. What say all of ye? The public hearing, Yo Venice style, continues in the forum.

(Here’s a video that Bret posted when he originally wrote about this in March)



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