Photos: Art Block Open Studios | May 4 2014


Venice Art Block launched in October of last year, and the second installment, last sunday the 4th, was even bigger and better. More about the event:

ArtBlock is an artist run coalition which was created after the Open Studio Tour was eliminated from the traditional route of the annual Venice Art Walk and Auctions. ArtBlock aspires to preserve and expand access to the arts in Venice through the Open Studio tour by giving free, public access to established studios and to many new emerging artist’s spaces tucked away throughout the neighborhood.

Venice Paparazzi, as usual, captured the energy of the event and C.J. Gronner over at Blogtown did a great job with her take on the event  in words and images, saying “…that it was like a Venice family reunion, bumping into people you knew at every turn”.  Below, some pieces by the great Jules Muck, caught by VP.

Venice Art Block-67-XLPhoto by Venice Paparazzi