Venice Story Features Anthony Perez


Yet another website about Venice has sprung up (are there 100 yet? Comedy!), called “Venice Story”. We did videos around town when we first started, but thought they were too labor intensive for a hyper-local site so we gave up on them (This was close to a decade ago). Anyway, Venice Story appears to be bringing back the video for story telling in a nice way. Peep their video with Anthony Perez from “Send Me a Penny”.

“If you come to Venice for the lifestyle” Perez says, “that lifestyle is to be free. This is a city that embraces anybody and everybody from all over the world. If you’re a visitor or you’re homeless, it doesn’t matter who you are. You’re welcome in Venice”

Perez is a charismatic dude. It is a good video. Congrats Venice Story! (Now maybe you should change fonts from that freebie “palm tree font” that makes any site that uses it look “design challenged” to something a bit more interesting!)

Other segments feature Venice residents Brad Neal, Jules Muck, Mike Ryan and Beth Allyn and her “Venice Bike”. Watch and learn!