Ace Norton: “Comfortable” by The Knocks!


Peep the latest from wunderkind Venice director Ace Norton: “Comfortable” by The Knocks!

(Warning- video may contain nudity!)

Norton is currently working on a documentary about “a woman who eats mini-donuts and posts pictures of her cats to Twitter”. The working title is “Will you be my friend, I am crazy.”

Behind the lens:

The video was Directed by Ace Norton. Pat Scola & Mego Lin lensed it, Christian Zollenkopf was the Production Designer and Mandy Brown edited it. The Animation department was Jackie Chang, Sasha Young, and Nelson De Castro. The models, Nana Ghanna, April O’neil, Victoria Kvalsvik, Angelina Naw, Leila Spillman and Zita Vass were helped by wardrobe expert Laura Francis, makeup woman Alisha Baijounas, Hair stylist Nycole Smith and colorist Brian Lehrer.