Mayor Garcetti to Host Community BBQ at Oakwood Park 9-7-13!


Mayor Garcetti

Mayor Garcetti

From: Matt Kline <>
To: President <[email protected]> Cc: VNC Board <[email protected]>, “[email protected]” <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: Agenda

linda, please request an official release from Daniel so we have all the details and can formulate a proper release

On Aug 31, 2013, at 1:55 PM, President <[email protected]> wrote:

1) Hot News: Mayor Eric Garcetti will be hosting a community get together at Oakwood Park next Saturday morning 9/7, 9:30 am which will includewalking door to door greeting people followed by a community BBQ. Daniel Tamm, westside rep for the Mayor would like as many of our board and committee members as possible to come, so please notify your members, neighbors and friends. A flyer with details is forthcoming but this is our heads up. We will need to create a press release and send to our usual eblast and social media outlets. Please invite people to come.

2) Not so Hot News:

Board And Committee Chairs: please note the requirements below for meeting agendas sent to Hugh as Chair of the Budget Committee. Everything we do is being watched very carefully by DOnE and subject to Public Records Act requests, so be sure your agendas include the appropriate language, are posted in a timely manner.

The City Attorney also just sent me a communication about having agendas and materials available at committee meetings for the public.

We are all also obligated to take the Webinar on funding before the next board meeting or we are prohibited from voting on financial issues. I will do mine this weekend and send notice of completion to Kristopher


Linda Lucks