Venice Family Clinic Surf & Skate Silent Art Auction: August 29th!


Reposting this as a reminder! Support the Venice Family Clinic!

The 3rd Annual Venice Family Clinic Surf & Skate Silent Art Auction will be held from 6-9pm on Thursday, August 29th, at the Robert Berman Gallery in Santa Monica! 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Venice Family Clinic’s health care services!

Venice Family Clinic Surf & Skate

The auction will feature custom surfboards and skate decks designed by professional surfers, skateboarders and artists (the full list of artists is after “the jump”). This year’s theme is “The Endless Summer”, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the surf film created in 1964 by filmmaker Bruce Brown.

The 2013 Surf & Skate host committee will include Robert Berman, Bruce Brown, Kristy Campbell, Laddie John Dill, Mark X Farina, John Van Hamersveld, Robb Havassy, David Hertz, Jeff Ho, Jason Lewis, Andy Moses, Pat Ngoho and Jennifer Wolf. John Van Hamersveld designed the auction poster and The King’s English will perform at 9pm.

Your $15 donation to Venice Family Clinic includes event entry, a drink and a raffle ticket. Please click here for tickets or purchase at the door.

Jeff Ho
Clean Aesthetic
Christian Hosoi
Derek Albeck
Craig Ibarra
Kevin Ancell
Lester Kasai
Pierre Auroux
David Lloyd
Susanne Melanie Berry
Jonathan Marino
Andy Bialk
Erick Martinez
Patrick Bion
Ben Milch
Jay Brett
Andy Moses
Casper Brindle
Ed Moses
David Browne
Lance Mountain
Ben Burnett
Jaime Munoz (FLAN)
Jim Callans
Radu Muntean
Kristy Campbell
DJ Neff
Sue Neuhauser
Charlie Carroll
Jorge Chavez
Keith Norman
Smog City
Dyami O’Brien
Dillan Conniff
Bernie O’Dowd
Anthony Converse
Steve Olson
Clark Davis
Brad Richardson
Laddie John Dill
Ellwood T Risk
Brendan Donnelly
Aaron Rosenstock
Joshua Elias
Richard Sanchez
Skip Engblom
Bart Saric
Tanja Scala
Jim Evans
3 Sheets
Ned Evans
Gregory Siff
Greg Falk
Mark x Farina
Tina St. Claire
Kendall Finzer
Kevin Staab
Craig Stecyk
Andre Franco
Laurie Steelink
Damian Fulton
Neil Stratton
John Garcia
Big Red Sun
Robb Gardner
Lauren Szczesny
Alejandro Gehry
Luke Taaffe
James Georgopolous
Javier Verdura
Jeff Grosso
Henry Vincent
Patrick Haemmerlein
Franz von Holzhausen
Devin Week
Robb Havassy
Alex Weinstein
Tony Hawk
Timothy Williams
Danny Heller
jennifer wolf
David Hertz
Glory Motor Works

Venice Family Clinic Surf & Skate Silent Art Auction
Thursday, August 29th 6:00 pm (the auction closes at 9 pm)
ROBERT BERMAN GALLERY at The Bergamot Station Arts Center
2525 Michigan Ave. B7
Santa Monica, CA 90404