‘Venice Zipline’ Adds New Murals and New Pricing


Flightlinez has begun installing murals to cover the scaffolding and “k-rails” (as agreed upon in their contract with the City) at their “Venice Beach Zipline” at the Venice Recreation Center.

Venice Beach Zipline

The artists featured on the murals include Chase, Asylm, Lindsey Carron, Hans Walør, Chris Saunders, Joseph Skala and 8′ x 24′ collaborations from John Park and Hans Haveron, Alex and Christopher Couto and Christina Angelina and Gianni Arone (DTOAR). Eight of the projects artists live or have studios near Venice.

The ride operators have also introduced new pricing, with children under 12 riding for $10, weekday “Re-Ride specials” of $5 and also a $50 all day pass available on weekdays.