Venice Beach Zipline to Open Monday, July 22nd


Flightlinez began final testing of the new Venice Beach Zipline at 6pm this evening. As of now, the company is scheduled to “soft open” the zipline at 11am tomorrow morning.

Venice Zip Line, Venice Beach

Cesario and Angie supervise the zipline installation, 7/21/13

The Venice Beach Zipline will be open from 11am – Sunset. Admission is $20 per ride, with a discount for locals and public transit users of $2, making the ride $18.

Requirements to Ride The Zipline:

Minimum Weight: 60lbs (27kg) | Maximum Weight: 250lbs (113kg) Anyone wishing to ride must have their weight verified by a scale before ticket purchase. There is also a maximum height limit of 6 feet 7 inches due to clearance requirements of the ride structure.

Age Restrictions:

There are no age restrictions, although riders under 18 must have their parent/legal guardian sign the waiver. All riders or guardians must present ID to verify age at 18 years or over.

Additional Restrictions:

Due to safety concerns for both the guests who are flying, and pedestrians below, we observe the following:

Handheld cameras, phones, or other video recorders are not allowed. Photographers will be onsite taking pictures. Please check back for more details as we get closer to our opening day.

Eyeglasses, sunglasses, hats, handbags, keys/keychains, and backpacks, or any similar items are not allowed unless properly secured. Straps for glasses are available for purchase.

Footwear must be properly secured.