National Weather Service Issues Weekend Rip Current Warning!


The National Weather Service has issued a Coastal Hazard Message for Los Angeles as of 1:05 pm today. Dangerous swimming conditions are expected in Venice due to rip currents this weekend through Sunday. Use extreme caution, or just stay out of the water!

Rip Currents

From the NWS:

Very strong rip currents and dangerous swimming conditions are expected friday and through the weekend. The combination of a fresh south swell and a tidal range of around 8 feet will generate very strong rip currents and longshore currents at times along exposed south facing shores.

A south swell is expected to peak Friday with breakers between 3 to 4 feet and occasionally as high as 5 feet. Rip currents will develop in the vicinity of the large breakers with little or no warning. The south swell will persist through the weekend while subsiding.

The higher high tide is expected each evening Friday through Sunday and peak Sunday evening around 7 feet and minor tidal overflow and beach erosion may occur saturday and Sunday evenings.

A beach hazards statement is issued when threats to beach and surf zone safety are expected or occurring. Caution should be used when in or near the water. Stay near occupied lifeguard
towers and never swim alone. If caught in a rip current … Swim parallel to the shore.

Thanks to DDF for the heads up!