Venice Named in “Los Angeles’ Douchiest Neighborhoods” List


From the LA Weekly

Abbot Kinney. Oh boy. Don’t get us started. First, a special exception will be granted for all the O.G. Venice people who for so long tried to foster an artistic sense of community along Abbot Kinney Boulevard: Joe’s, Hal’s & Grill, Sarlo Realty, even The Brig and resident Robert Downey Jr. All of you and more get passes. We are not even worthy.

LA Weekly Abbot Kinney

And let’s be clear here: Much of the rest of Abbot Kinney is not so much a neighborhood as an exception to any concept of Venice as a place where artists, surfers, African Americans and Latinos used to rule. As such, any new “vintage” boutique, high-end jewelry seller, “locavore” eatery or “beach lifestyle” knick-knack shop where surfboards and skate decks are used as decor get one of our Douche of the Neighborhood awards.

Really. You vegan, sustainable, yuppie-ass, sponge-longboard-toting newcomers should all be taken over to Sixth Avenue in the still-gritty Oakwood neighborhood and made to camp out for one hot summer night just to see how long you’d survive.

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