Aki Sasamoto to Perform at L&M Arts This Evening!


From L&M Arts:

L&M Arts, Los Angeles is pleased to present a performance by Aki Sasamoto in conjunction with our current exhibition, Neo Povera. Sasamoto’s performance/installation works revolve around everyday gestures on nothing and everything.  Her installations are careful arrangements of sculpturally altered found objects, and the decisive gestures in her improvisational performances create feedback, responding to sound, objects, and moving bodies.  The constructed stories seem personal at first, yet oddly open to variant degrees of access, relation, and reflection.

L&M Arts Venice

The gallery will open for viewing at 7 PM on Thursday, June 27 and the performance will begin at 7:30, lasting approximately 20 minutes. The evening will conclude at 8:30. This event is free and open to the public. No RSVP is required.

“i once got into trouble by punching a person in the nose. i wish i remember the sensation of it. Sometimes i meander into that forbidden area of my brain, and attempt to feel the moment this arm reached to that face. But i can’t reach that incident in my memory bank, however much i try.

When trekking inside the dark red brain tubes, i am always wearing a pair of lemon glasses. These spectacles have thin lemon slices in place of lenses, which stick to my eye sockets so tightly that my bulging eyelids absorb chilled lemonade to keep me going along the trek. i can see light, dim yet cheerful, but no clarity. Didn’t know the pulp is so busy, the segments’ lines distracting, the beautified light of the world getting in the way of my mission towards the punch. If i am to penetrate through the lemon, it will splash the acid into my pupils to kill me instantly. So i just close my eyes behind the citrus and get lost in the memory, with desperate arms flopping silly and stupid, until i hear a request to gamble.”

(excerpt from “Molasses,” a booklet by Aki Sasamoto & Leora Morinis, 2012)

Neo Povera is a group show that explores the contemporary legacy of Arte Povera and the politics of material. This exhibition offers a selection of recent works united by a common conceptual approach to re-examining the formal constraints of artistic practice brought on the commercialization of art and ideas. Continuing a radial dialogue that challenged the traditional trajectory of acceptable art, this show explores new materials and methodologies that have evolved in the almost fifty years since the term was first coined.

GALLERY INFORMATION: Neo Povera is on view through Saturday, July 6. L&M Arts, Los Angeles, 660 South Venice Boulevard, Venice, CA, 90291. Tuesday – Saturday, 10:00 – 5:30 and by appointment. For additional information, please contact L&M Arts at: +1.310.821.6400 or visit our website: www.lmgallery.com.